Just One Night


A/N: More fluff to try and balance out all the smut I keep putting up here. :D

Pairing: DemiLink

Warning: mild OOC

Disclaimer: I don’t own Legend of Zelda

Link rubbed his eyes and grumbled as he walked through the halls of the castle. It was way past curfew and he really should have been in bed, but he couldn’t sleep that night for some reason. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that nightmares had suddenly been plaguing him for the past week. It also didn’t help that Ghirahim tended to talk in his sleep. While those speeches could be quite amusing at times, Link really needed his sleep. And when one doesn’t sleep well for about a week, it can wear on a person. 

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oh my gwad, can DemiLink get any cuter? adfgdafsfs! Imagine Link cuddled up in Demise’s bed and how utterly precious that would look. Move over Ghirahim.

Ghirahim is Link’s sword AU part 2


Whee, I’m not procrastinating for once! We get to properly meet Ghirahim this chapter. And Link is freaked out.

Part 1

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I am really loving this! I have always thought it would be highly amusing and hilarious if Ghirahim was Link’s sword spirit instead, given that his speaches are so often grandiosely epic. I think you’ve done a wonderful job keeping him and Link in character and I love the dialouge. I’m sure it’s not easy as Ghirahim is demanding in all sorts of ways but that is why we all love him! X3

Late night Muses Part 3


Part 3 of THIS, and THIS dsadsdsssda



As you would expect, FUCKING ANGST! I literally had to STOP writing to control all of my damn feels. I’m still teary-eyed and sniffling. It takes place directly after the end of the Part 2.
And Latte, I hope you don’t mind me taking a line from your comic there.

I really hope.

But here it is. 

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nooooo!!!!! oh gawds, for crying out loud! my… my heart just screams to luv poor neglected Ghirahim!!! TT_______TT

Well, LatteDah~: My brain said fuck sleep and ran off with my idea and my fingers.



Uh, abusive-y. There’ll be a second part probably when I have time at home tomorrow. (Today*)

Moar Ghirahim and Demise. In the universe my other fics are in and this takes place long after the make-up scene thing.

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i think

i think i ship…

oooh, poor baby!!! I’m tearing up! You’re such a jerkface Demi! U don’t deserve Ghirey! omg, mooaaar *tears* someone comfort the poor boy!!